First time teaching a drawing workshop at my last show of 2018!

Greetings fans and new subscribers!

Well, I have officially closed the book on this year's Carter Comics Convention Circuit, and it ended with an exciting opportunity at the 4th annual Comic Book Invasion at the City of Commerce Public Library this past Saturday. In addition to being an artist vendor with a handful of other talented creators, I also got to teach my very first 50-minute drawing workshop, where I taught kids how to create their own superhero by drawing the human body through shapes. It went very well, with a small but attentive audience present----some of whom already had their own ideas for superheroes. One kid had a character named "Crayola Man." I went through the process of first drawing the human head, then the full human body, stopping after adding head and body parts to explain how and why I draw them a certain way. It was an experience that I was initially nervous about due to the unknown number of kids/adults that would be there, but at the end of it, I felt really good about how everyone enjoyed my lessons.

As for the vendor hall part of the show, I made Carter Comics history by making sales there for the first time (3 to be exact) in my three years at this convention. In previous appearances, this became the first show where I didn't make a single sale (though the table was free, so the profit was not a big deal). It was a personal achievement more than anything else to break that two year streak. It was also great to see many of my artist vendor buddies that I've known for awhile through conventions----many of which I either had not seen in awhile, or weren't able to talk with much at larger conventions. I even got a photo with my table neighbor Michael Aushenker, who I met at my first Comic Book Invasion.

So, while the convention tour has ended for now, that doesn't mean I won't be busy. I'm currently working on art and stories for my fifth issue of "Damn Tourists," a trade paperback of said book, and a line of Cosmic Force trading cards. As a work/play balance, I will be traveling to Colorado in early December to spend time with family and friends for a few days.

That's it for this week. Before I forget, I will be at LA Comic Con this weekend as an attendee, strolling around Artist Alley to support my vendor buddies tabling at the show. I'll be there Saturday only for a few hours.

Good luck, and have a great week!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics