Happy Halloween from Carter Comics!

Greetings fans (and maybe some ghouls, witches and monsters)

I hope you all are having a great start to this spooky day! My apologies for the email blast day change, as I wanted to send this newsletter out with my Mongoose illustration game that I usually post on Mondays, but got moved to Wednesday for Halloween.  Even though my convention circuit finished two weeks ago, I still have some comic-related news: I attended the 8th annual LA Comic Con on Saturday. While I decided not to be behind a table in Artist Alley this year, I was in the "Alley" to visit friends of mine who I usually work shows with. Most were doing ok at that point of the event sales and crowds-wise, which is always good to hear. I've exhibited at the show myself three times previously, but I needed a break this year to finish new material. I may return to the show as a vendor next year.

The other Convention news just happened last night: I have been officially confirmed as an Artist Alley exhibitor for my first show on the east coast called "Awesome Con," taking place in Washington D.C.  My sister lives in Alexandria, Virginia, and offered me a place to stay during the convention. My goal is to have Damn Tourists issue 5 (whose story takes place in Florida) completed by the end of February to have something at least east-coast centric for the event. Also just announced is my application for San Diego Comic Fest Artist Alley next year that I just received and completed this morning. Hopefully I wind up snagging a table for 2019. Rounding out the conventions I applied to for 2019 are: Emerald City Comic Con (waitlisted), Phoenix Comic Con (applied, but no table confirmation yet), and Denver Comic Con (same as Phoenix). We'll see what happens with the rest of them.

Lastly, I just ordered my first set of Cosmic Force trading cards which should be in the mail in two weeks. One hundred copies of trading cards starting with my de-facto group leader Sandra "Imagine" Winters will arrive by early November.

That's all for this scary day. One more thing I will be adding here from now on: For those of you who haven't liked my Carter Comics facebook fan page, here's an incentive to do so. I do a live audio broadcast on that page every sunday evening at 7 PM Pacific Time called "Al's Audio Agenda." You can find it at:


Have a safe Halloween everyone!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics