Awesome Con, Denver Pop Culture Con, and don't forget to VOTE!

Greetings fans!

Last week I got some big news: I was accepted as a vendor at next year's Denver Pop Culture Con Friday May 31st to Sunday June 2nd at the Colorado Convention Center. I will be a vendor in their Booktopia area specifically. This was on top of being confirmed for Artist Alley at another out-of-state show: Awesome Con in Washington DC, from Friday April 26th to Sunday April 28th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  After applying for four out of state shows over the summer (Emerald City Comic Con, Phoenix Fan Fusion, Awesome Con, and Denver Pop Culture Con), I wasn't sure which show, if any, that I'd end up accepted for, but I wanted to at least give it a shot. With being set for two out of the four shows, and waitlisted for one (Emerald City), I'm still waiting on a response from Phoenix. Because doing two out of state shows will be expensive due to shipping fees for my convention supplies and plane tickets, I may not exhibit at Phoenix Fan Fusion even if get accepted there, as I would need to pay for a hotel room and rent a car. While that's usually a cheaper scenario, because the show is a week before Denver's, it would put a heavy financial and physical burden on me, as Phoenix is a four-day event! Nonetheless, I am beyond excited for Carter Comics first foray into the nation's capitol and the mile-high city.

I also made the order for the first set of Cosmic Force trading cards early last week. 100 copies of the Sandra "Imagine" Winters trading card will be in the mail next tuesday. In addition, I began the story outline for Damn Tourists issue #5 called 'East Coast California. So far, the outline spans eight of what will be a thirty page book. Along with a trade paperback of DT (which will have the first four issues in one book) all three new projects will be ready for my 2019 conventions, starting with Wondercon Anahiem (still waiting for official confirmation, but I've been a small press vendor there for 5 years, so I SHOULD be a lock).

Lastly (but definitely not "leastly," haha) get out there and vote everyone! Doing your civic duty has always meant alot over the years, but nowhere near as important as the times we're living in right now. So vote this morning, during the day, or in the evening, but make sure you VOTE and get your voice heard!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics