Had to skip a week due to vacation!

Greetings fans,

My apologies for no newsletter last week. For those of you who follow me on either facebook or instagram, you noticed that I took an early christmas vacation to Colorado. It was a fun-filled four days in both Colorado Springs and Denver, spending time with a great friend of mine, who also took me to see some family I haven't laid eyes on since I was in preschool---some I had never laid eyes on until that trip. In between bonding with loved ones, I went on snow-covered hikes with my friend and her two lovable huskies, saw the "Real South Park" located in Fairplay, Colorado, frozen lakes, deer, and a fair share of partying. The only downside of the trip was the insane amount of turbulence on my flight back from Colorado Springs to LA. Despite that minor detail, I'll be back there in six months, but for more business reasons. That leads me to:

Doing some early preparations for next year's Denver Pop Culture Con on May 31st to June 2nd. This involves not just plane tickets and a place to stay, but also finding the best method of transporting my convention setup across several states. And this won't be my first time doing this in

2019: My first out-of-state show by plane will be Awesome Con: Washington DC, April 26th to 28th. That trip, however, is closer to being finalized with part of my plane ticket booked, and being able to stay with family. One final 2019 show to mention: as of last wednesday after touching down back in Los Angeles, I got the email that I've been waiting for since late October: Wondercon Anaheim 2019 has officially confirmed me for a sixth year in Small Press. I just recently sent out the table payment earlier today.

Before I go, a reminder of my new final show of the year: The Honey Pot at The Hive Art Gallery in Downtown LA. It's a fantastic holiday art fair with plenty of original arts and crafts (and books on my side). I will have some of my Mongoose Monday books, including the new Hawaiian 12 Days of Christmas illustration books. In addition, I will be featuring Damn Tourist postcard magnets, and Cosmic Force trading cards of team members Daniel "Fuse" Stafford and Sandra "Imagine" Winters----both of whom had prequel books done on their early days.

Well, that's all for this week. I’ll be back to do an early newsletter on Christmas Eve Until next week!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics