Arrival of Damn Tourists postcard magnets, and off to Colorado!

Greetings fans,
My apologies for another late newsletter. While I'm fully recovered from last week's cold, I've been preoccupied with preparing for my trip to Colorado, and some errands I've been running after work. While there's not much news to report in regards to my final show of the year or my merchandise orders, I did get my custom Damn Tourists postcard magnets over the weekend. They turned out great (though thinner than I imagined) but they still did the trick in sticking to my fridge, as was video documented on my facebook live unboxing. My other two orders: Mongoose Mondays Music, Movies, Figures of Speech, and Hawaiian 12 Days of Christmas, as well as my Fuse trading cards, should be in the mail by the time I get back from my trip.
Well, that's all for this week as I leave for the mile high city. Hope you all have a great week!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics