Welcome new subscribers from this past weekend's shows!

This past weekend's shows in Glendale and San Fernando were alot of fun. Truthfully, Open Arts and Music Festival Glendale was more fun for me than San Fernando Valley Comic Con this year. My second appearance at the Glendale Artwalk resulted in quite a bit of sales (though noticeably down from last year), but just as many people stopping by the booth to say hello and take a look at my work. On that note, something that I do want to tell all my fans is to never feel pressured to buy at an artwalk or convention whether you're at my table, or someone else's. The decision to purchase an item is all up to you. If you're unable to purchase something from me, or if something I have just isn't your cup of tea, that's ok, we all have our likes and dislikes. Just don't let that stop you from coming by the table and looking at art portfolios, sampling books, and just making small talk with me. It takes alot just to draw a customer (or customers) to a table with the many technological distractions we have these days, so I appreciate every one of you who stopped by my area, whether you purchased something, took a business card, signed up for this mailing list, or just talked with me for a few minutes while you browsed through my work. While San Fernando Valley Comic Con had less in the way of customer interactions or sales, I made the best of the situation by getting more work done on my "Just Imagine" Cosmic Force Prequel, recording a timelapse illustration for my next Mongoose Mondays in Motion, and talking shop with some longtime vendor friends of mine. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication regarding who was doing the hourly raffle, and another person took over for me at the last minute. That was fine with me, as he did a much better job as the emcee, and I could focus on my art projects and sales. 

In a nutshell, last weekend was a great, if not a little rusty return to the convention and art festival grind for me. Don't worry though, the grind will continue into the weekend of September 29th and 30, when I make my appearances at Reseda Rising Artwalk and Night Market (long name, but another FANTASTIC artwalk) Saturday night the 29th from 5-10 pm, and Santa Clarita Comic and Toy Expo Sunday the 30th from 10 am to 4 pm.  Also, I plan to have "Just Imagine" finished and ready to order by this coming Sunday!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics